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Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor, environmentalist and film producer. His career has been quite a struggle and he has traveled from a common boy to a superstar on his own.

He has a great love for the environment and his Instagram account is full of photos related to the environment and rarely he uploads his photo on his Instagram account. Leo has given many hits so far which includes films like Inception, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Revolutionary Road, The Wolf of Wall Street, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio Wikipedia
Name Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Surname Leo, Lenny
Date of Birth 11 November 1974
age (2021)
46 years
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
length 6 feet
Profession Actor, environmentalist and film producer.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Family
Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Father’s Name George DiCaprio
Mother’s Name Ermlin
Brother’s Name (Step-brother)
Adam Farrar

Early Life Of Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. His mother, Ermlin, was a German German and was a former legal secretary. His father George DiCaprio is a comics illustrator and producer. His parents separated when Leo was 1 year old and since then he grew up with his mother. Due to the separation of the father, there was a lot of financial pressure on Leo’s mother and she did not have money to make a living, so Leo always kept changing houses. During an interview, Leo had told that there used to be a lot of crime around the place where he lived. Leo did not feel like studying in childhood and wanted to become an actor since childhood. As a child, Leo would ask his mother to take him to auditions instead of improving his financial situation. During an award function, Leo credited his success to his mother and said that his mother was there for him all the time and she was the only support. She accompanied him to every audition. When Leo’s older half-brother earned $50,000 from a television commercial, Leo was fascinated by this and decided to become an actor.

In those days there were auditions to cast children in advertisements and Leo would never miss these auditions. One day he was selected for an advertisement and thus Leo’s journey began. When Leo was 15 years old, he was cast for a small role in a TV show New Leslie. Leo faced a lot of difficulties early in his career and found it very difficult to find an agent. Then an agent suggested that you change your name to Lenny Williams so that you could appeal to the American Decades but Leo refused to do so. After which he gave about 100 auditions but he could not get selected in one and during this he remained unemployed for one and a half years. After which he was very disappointed and initially decided to quit acting but later he agreed to act as he wanted to support his mother financially.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Success Story
Leo’s first film was Critters 3. Which was made on a very low budget and could not be released in the movie theaters, after which it was released direct DVD in 1991. Leo officially made his debut in the film This Boy’s Life, in which he is seen opposite Robert De Niro. His role in this film was important and in this film he is seen playing the role of Toby. He got a lot of popularity after this film. After this film, Leo appears with Johnny Depp in the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, where Leo played the character of a mentally childish boy in this film. His performance in this film was excellent and due to his performance, he got a lot of popularity all over Hollywood. Leo was nominated for an Oscar for this film and at this time he was only 19 years old. After this film, he was cast in the film as the lead actor.

When Leo was initially offered Titanic, Leo was initially hesitant to do the role as he could not imaging the story of the film but knew that the film was being made by a visionary director like James Cameron. But despite this Leo was dotful about this film, after which James Cameron explained to Leo that this is the most ambitious film of his life and after much persuasion, Leo said yes to this film. The film became such a huge hit that Leo got to know the whole world. This film won the Oscar award in most of the categories but you will be surprised to know that Leo was not even nominated in the category of Best Actor. The film won a total of 11 Oscar Awards. Leo has many drug scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street movie and to perform this scene, Leo met many drug experts.

During this film, he was taking vitamin C powder instead of drugs, but by the time the shooting of the film was over, he had inhaled a lot of vitamin C powder, due to which he fell ill later.
Leo got the Oscar for the first time for the film The Revenant, before that he had been nominated several times but never won the Oscar. Leo is a complete vegetarian but he ate raw meat for this film.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Relationship, Affairs /Girlfriend, Wife

Leo is still a bachelor and has no plans to marry .

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